Griffen: Adopted 2019

Griffen is just one of many pound cats that Heavenly Creatures has rescued.

I fostered him in 2019 and brought him back and forth to his vet appointments.

After a few months, his family saw his picture being advertised by Heavenly Creatures and came forward to bring him home.

We would all miss him as he had become part of our pack, however, he had a home and we wished him the best with his family.

Little did I know that only a couple of months later, Heavenly Creatures would call me again to inform me that Griffin had once again been picked up and was now back at the pound.

They also told me that his family had surrendered him . When they asked me if I would consider fostering him again I said yes!

So the cat came back, maybe not the very next day, but I took it as a sign and soon after officially adopted him into our pack.

Griffen thinks he is a husky and often sleeps between the two of them.

Thank you Heavenly Creatures for making his story, as well as the story of many other animals in need, have a happy ending.