Heavenly Creatures is what is known as a no-kill animal rescue organization.

This means that we don’t kill healthy or treatable animals; we only euthanize when it falls under the dictionary definition of the word, which is to end untreatable suffering.

We euthanize in very rare instances when an animal doesn’t have a quality of life and is beyond the scope of medical help (The vast majority of animals who come into our care are able to be rehabilitated).

When we rescue an animal, we make a promise to them to keep them safe for as long as it takes to find them a home and to provide them with everything they need to be comfortable and happy in the meantime.

Just like people, animals can face physical and psychological challenges. From cats with litterbox issues to dogs with broken legs, HC has seen and helped animals with just about every condition imaginable.

We believe that they all deserve a chance as long as they have a quality of life, or can be gotten to that point by skilled veterinarians.

For more about no-kill sheltering, please visit The No Kill Advocacy Centre