All of Heavenly Creatures’ animals are placed in foster care, not housed in a traditional shelter. All viewings and adoptions are therefore by appointment only (weekday evenings and weekends available).



Louie’s Profile: 

      • Neutered male
      • Has tested negative for FIV and FELV
      • Four years
      • May be okay with other cats
      • Not suitable for a home with kids
      • Playful
      • Very social

    About Louie

    Louie is a smart, fun tuxedo boy who came to us via a vet clinic during the spring of 2021.

    The vet clinic called and asked if we could take him because he was otherwise going to be needlessly euthanized for having bitten his owner.

    The clinic staffperson with whom we spoke felt he was a good cat and just needed to be in a home where there weren’t small kids stressing him out, so we’ve put him in a quiet foster home with a single woman who has had no issues with him and quite enjoys his company.

    She has no other pets, so we can’t say for sure how he is with others, but we think it’s possible that he could be fine in a multi pet home given a proper introduction and enough time to adjust.

    Louie’s Foster Mom Says:

    “Louie is known as the “Gentle Giant”!

    He is very sociable and greets everyone at the door. Although he is big in size he is all kitten in heart.

    He is very curious and needs to investigate everything he comes across.

    He is very playful and loves to play with his toys and scratching posts. His favourite place to sleep is under a blanket and he loves a good belly rub.

    His favourite treat is fresh water. You cannot enter a room with a tap without Louie seeing you. He will sit there for half hour or more playing with the water trying to figure out where it’s going.

    He is nothing but sweet and will make a wonderful addition to any household.”

    Interested In Adopting Louie?

    If you are interested in giving Louie a good home, please either fill out our adoption application, leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us:


    Sasha’s Profile:

          • 13 years of age
          • Spayed female
          • Has tested negative for FIV and FELV
          • Not suitable for a home with children
          • Loves her toy mouse, boxes and curling up under a blanket
          • Lived with other cats for years up until recently but prefers to be an only child if she can.

        About Sasha

        Meet Sasha, a sweet senior who is looking for a home.

        Sasha came into our care in Dec of last year because her owners could no longer keep her owing to a new baby; Sasha doesn’t have a relaxed enough temperament to allow her to be comfortable around children (Loud noises and quick movements frighten her).

        We had Sasha examined and checked out (including a senior blood panel) in late November before she even officially came into our care. The vet who saw her said she seems very healthy other than the arthritis she has in her hind end.

        Sasha is not a lap cat, but she is affectionate on her terms once she has had time to settle in and is comfortable with you.

        She may be thirteen, and certainly does sleep a lot like most older cats, but she also likes to play with her mouse for short stints and she’s never met a box she didn’t like!

        This girl deserves a good retirement home in which she can live out the rest of her life. There must be someone reading who can give her that – her next change should be her last.

        Interested In Adopting Sasha? 

        If you are interested in adopting Sasha, please either fill out our adoption application, leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us:


        Emerald’s Profile

                • Born in Oct of 2017
                • Spayed female
                • Must be an only cat
                • Loves to be brushed

        About Emerald

        This beautiful girl, Emerald, came back into our care recently and is available for adoption.

        Emerald was adopted from us three and a half years ago as a kitten. Sadly, owing to an unexpected life change, her family had no choice but to return her to us.

        Emerald was born in early October of 2017. She was handraised with her siblings by HC volunteers after the litter of kittens was found outside with no mom.

        Emerald did not live with other pets and prefers to be an only (there are two other cats in her foster home and she doesn’t like them).

        She was raised with an older child (10 years), so can go to a home with older children.

        Emerald is a sweet girl who loves human affection and to be brushed.

        There must be someone reading who has no other cats and would like to make this girl queen of their castle.

        Interested In Adopting Emerald?

        If you are interested in adopting Emerald, you can fill out our adoption application, or you can call us to have a chat about her first at 739-0077 or e-mail us: (please include your phone number).


      • Update (July 27th): Tucker has come down with a case of Cat Flu, so is unavailable for adoption until he is better.
      • Tucker’s Profile:
      • Male kitten
      • 11-12 weeks (as of July 15th)
      • Must go to a hone with another cat
      • Not suitable for a home with children
      • Has had first vet exam and vaccines

    About Tucker

    This gorgeous grey boy came to us from the streets of Paradise in late June; he was born outside and living in a small cat colony when he was trapped by Paradise Animal Control and then brought into Heavenly Creatures’ care.

    Having been born outside, he knew nothing about people when he first arrived, so he was placed in a foster home in which he could be socialized.

    He has made great strides in the last two weeks and will be ready to go to an adoptive home as of late next week (this post was written on July 16th).

    He will need to be adopted by an understanding person or family who will give him the time he needs to settle in – once he feels comfortable, he will give you his heart.

    He will also need to a go to a home that includes another cat or cats for company for him, as former ferals LOVE other cats and particularly thrive in homes that have other felines.

    Could this gorgeous grey boy be the one for you?

    Interested In Adopting Tucker?

    If you are interested in making this little fellow a part of your heart and home, please either fill out our adoption application, or if you’d like to have a chat with us first, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail your phone number to


Jonas’ Profile: 

  • Neutered male
  • Senior who is 12-13 years
  • Tested negative for FIV and FELV

Can live with other catsAbout JonasJonas is a laid back senior boy who has been in our care since late June of 2021. Or, more aptly put, he is back in our care; he was originally adopted from us over ten years ago.His owner didn’t want to give him up, but there was an unexpected move and they weren’t able to take Jonas with them.

Jonas is now in a foster care with a person who has two senior cats of her own and they are all doing well together.

Jonas’ former owner described him as being snuggly/cuddly; she said he would follow her around, even to the bathroom!

She also said he loved to lay in windows watching the birds and watching tv is another favourite pastime of his.

Since coming back into our care, Jonas has been to the vet for a check up and had a senior blood panel – everything was normal.

He needs his teeth cleaned, but HC will pay for that even if he is adopted first before we can get him an appointment.

This wonderful senior fellow needs a retirement home in which he will be cherished for the rest of his days – could he share your home?

Jonas’ Foster Mom Says:

”He’s a sweetie pie. He’s a bit shy, but very snuggly once he gets comfortable.

He recently figured out how to play with toys (my cats had to teach him) and now he loves chasing his mice toys around and hunting his big shark toy!”

Interested In Adopting Jonas?

If you think you can give our sweet senior a place to spend his golden years, please either fill out our adoption application or – if you’d like to have a chat with us first – please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail with your number and we’ll call you.


Oreo’s Profile:

  • Neutered male
  • Approx. 2-3 years
  • Has tested negative for FIV and FELV
  • Has been microchipped
  • Not suitable for a home with small children
  • May be suitable for a home with other animals

    About Oreo

    We know this gorgeous guy won’t be with us for long as he is quite the looker and charmer!

    This handsome tuxedo man, who we’re calling Oreo, came to us last week after being at a pound in a cage for a month.

    Oreo wasn’t claimed by whoever originally owned him, and as the pound has no adoption program, he would have been slated for euthanasia had we not stepped in to rescue him.

    Oreo was very shy in his cage at the pound, but since coming into our care he has been able to relax and show what a lovely cat he is.

    He is still afraid of loud noises, so we don’t think he is suitable for a home with small kids, but he may be suitable for a home that includes other pets.

    Since coming into our care, Oreo has been neutered and so on – all he needs now is the purrfect adoptive home. Could this terrific tuxedo be the one for you?

    Oreo’s Foster Mom Says:

    “Oreo is such a lovely cat! While he may take a few minutes to feel comfortable coming to you, once he feels safe he comes right out of his shell and turns on the charm!

    He loves chin scratches and will give you nice strong head butts and purrs to let you know he doesn’t want you to stop.

    He will also do anything for catnip and loves a feather toy to go along with it.

    He’s still a little bit nervous about unknown noises or sudden sounds, but if he’s got a human there to tell him it’s OK, he forgets about the scary thing pretty quickly!

    Also, if he’s got a nice warm sun patch, he’s the happiest kitty in the world.

    Oreo will be a wonderful new member of your family!”

    Interested In Adopting Oreo?

    If you think you can give our terrific tux a Furever Home, please either fill out our adoption application or – if you’d like to have a chat with us first – please leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail with your number and we’ll call you.