• Neutered male
  • FIV positive 
  • Approx. 4-5 years
  • In foster care with another cat
  • Lives up to his name – he’s very sweet!


Meet Sweetie, a darling tabby who is going to steal someone’s heart with his charming purrsonality!

Sweetie is living the good life now, but he is a graduate of the School Of Hard Knocks.

He came to us in June of 2022 from Bay Roberts where he had been trying to survive on the streets.

The people feeding him said that he had been outside for at least two years and it certainly showed – poor Sweetie was underweight and covered in wounds from his toes to his neck.

A few months, several vet visits and lots of TLC from loving foster parents later, Sweetie looks and feels like a different cat!

In our experience, most FIV positive cats live as long as their non-positive counterparts; they are often just carriers of FIV, but don’t actually ever become sick from it.

Sweetie is not sick from the FIV; he looks and acts like a regular cat; you’d never know he had FIV unless you were told.

His wounds have all healed, he has gained weight and his coat is soft. All he needs now is a Furever Home to call his own.

Could this affable fellow be the one to steal your heart?


“When Sweetie came to me this summer (he had been with another foster mom first and she did a great job of getting him back on the path to health), the effects of his physical wounds and all the medical treatment he had gone through showed.

He was so small I actually thought he was a kitten, not an adult male cat.

He was timid but I could tell he had not lost his loving and pleasant soul during his time on the streets.

At first he hid under my couch for almost two days. I would just sit with him and rub his little head and let him get used to regular noises. He would quiver at first but I could tell he liked the human touch at the same time.

It didn’t take long and he was roaming around the house without hiding. He slowly started to get comfortable and he began to really start to thrive.

The amazing thing is that although he had been through so much trauma while being on the streets, he never lost his warm, gentle and loving spirit.

As he settled in, he could be found on the spot he claimed on the couch. He was so content there. It made me happy to see him so relaxed.

And then one night everything changed. He finally got up the bravery and courage to jump up onto my bed during the night. He stayed there the whole night with me! Major breakthrough!

Sweetie has steadily gained weight over the last few months and is looking so healthy now (He loves wet pate food and is sure to let you know in the morning when he is ready for his wet food).

He is good with other cats as long as they respect his space and isn’t super rambunctious.

He would do best with a quiet, low key, docile cat or cats like mine (He is not aggressive and is actually very quite gentle with my own cat).

He is such a little treasure. He doesn’t like to be picked up or held, but loves giving head butts and getting head scratches.

He likes to play with toys sometimes, but he spends the majority of his days finding a comfortable place to sleep.. he really likes comfortable human beds to lie on 🙂

Sweetie is FIV + but this doesn’t slow him down at all.

Sweetie is truly an amazing cat.. full of spunk and cuteness.

I truly believe whoever has the chance to adopt him will be so lucky and will have the most loving and loveable friend for life. He will need a home that will give him a chance to adjust to a new environment.”


If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful boy, please fill out our cat adoption application, which you’ll find under the adoptions header on this website.

If you’d like to have a chat about him before filling out the application, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or email us your phone number: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com



      • Neutered males
      • Both have tested negative for FIV and FELV
      • Otis is approx 7 years and Roswell is 2 years
      • Good with dogs
      • Probably good with other cats

Meet Otis and Roswell, a bonded pair who are looking for a Furever Home together.

Both boys used to live outside before being rescued; Otis was an unclaimed stray and Roswell was born on the streets.

They met in their foster home and have bonded with each other as well as their foster parents.

Their foster parents adore them, but don’t feel that they are in the position to adopt at the moment, so the boys are looking for a Furever Home.

Could these two sweeties be the Purrfect pair for you?


“Otis is purrrsonality plus. He is a gentle giant who likes to sit on your lap and will wake you each morning with sandpaper kisses.

Otis is never aggressive, even when annoyed.

His foster mom states that he enjoys getting his ears and nose kissed as she sings to him, “Someone needs his ears kissed. His name is Otis.”

Roswell is a shy but beautiful cat. His foster mom calls him her “Pretty Purple Pussy Cat.”

He came to HC as an insecure semi-feral kitten who bonded immediately with his foster brother and has made continuous progress with his human foster family.

He now enjoys being petted and has developed trust with female family members.

Roswell’s dependence on Otis means that they must stay together. Roswell is very nervous around men and becomes stressed by loud noises and high activity.

He would do best in a calm home that does not have small children.

He benefits from having a plug in Feliway diffuser.

Roswell had juvenile gingivitis as a kitten but with regular brushing his teeth and gums have improved. His foster family recommends brushing his teeth at least twice a week, preferably by a female family member.

Otis’ teeth are presently nice and shiny as he just had them cleaned at the vet clinic.

Otis and Roswell are used to dogs and would likely be fine with other cats.

They both have sensitive bellies, so are on a limited ingredient soft cat food to keep their bellies happy and as they are both male, we have them on Urinary SO kibble to prevent urinary problems (too many males wind up with urinary crystals these days, so we feed them this as prevention).”


If you’re interested in adopting Otis and Roswell, please fill out our cat adoption application, which you’ll find under the adoptions header on this website.

If you’d like to have a chat about them before filling out the application, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or email us your phone number: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com



      • Spayed females
      • 4 years of age
      • Sisters who must be adopted together
      • Not good with other cats
      • May be suitable for a home with older children


These two tabby twins are looking for an adoptive home where they can live out their days together.

They were adopted from us as kittens back in 2019, but need to be returned to us this month (Sept of 2022) owing to them not getting along with the other cat in the home.

The girls are now looking for a home where they can be the stars of the show.

If you are looking for a Purrfect Pair to adopt, look no further. These gorgeous girls will have you smiling with their sweetness and antics.


“They are beautiful, healthy, well behaved cats who are always cleaning each other- it is adorable.

Heather is the boss of the two, even though Erica is bigger.

Heather is much more playful, and Erica likes to lay around and look out the window.

They do have a small catio which they love, but open windows are just as good.

They both love the squeeze up treats and temptations.

Heather only likes to drink from the bathroom sink, which I leave running very slightly. Erica will sometimes use a fountain, but prefers the sink too.”


If you’re interested in adopting Heather and Erica, please fill out our cat adoption application, which you’ll find under the adoptions header on this website.

If you’d like to have a chat about them before filling out the application, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or email us your phone number: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com



      • Spayed female
      • Short-haired calico
      • 8 years (born in fall of 2014).
      • Lived with another cat
      • Sweet girl who would do best in a quiet home


Meet Peaches, a pretty dilute calico who is looking for her Furever Home.

Peaches was originally adopted from us as a kitten in December of 2014, but had to be unexpectedly returned to us in the spring of 2022 because the toddler in the home developed an allergy to her.

Peaches is now looking for a quiet retirement home that will treasure her for the rest of her days.

Like many calicos, she is on the shy side; she takes a while to warm up to new people.

However, once she trusts you she blossoms and becomes a great little companion!

Could you offer this sweet girl a place in your heart and home?


“Peaches is shy at first for sure, but once she gets comfortable with you then she loves your pets and attention. You just need to be patient a little longer than for most cats.

She definitely has a routine and likes to sit in the highest window in the house to watch the neighbourhood.

She is playing now and likes any tassels or string on your clothes and the stick with feather toy attached the most.

She eats well and sleeps even better, is quiet, likes treats, and is overall very loving and seems very appreciative of being well cared for.

I think she would thrive best in households that are not chaotic or too loud because she can become easily startled or scared when too much is going on around her.”


If you’re interested in adopting pretty Peaches, please fill out our cat adoption application, which you’ll find under the adoptions header on this website.

If you’d like to have a chat about her before filling out the application, please leave us a message at 739-0077, or email us your phone number: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com


Jenny’s Profile: 

        • Spayed female
        • Approx. 2-3 years
        • Not suitable for a home with other pets.
        • Has been vet examined, given dewormer and has tested negative for FIV and FELV

About Jenny:

This  pretty girl came to us from a pound during the summer of 2021 and is still looking for the right home.

Jenny was a stray who was picked up for roaming, impounded and wasn’t claimed by whoever had owned her.

Heavenly Creatures rescued her from the pound, had her spayed and so on and placed her in a foster home that included another cat and a dog.

We learned quickly that Jenny wants to be queen of her castle – she intensely does not like other animals (we think she is frightened of them) and is quick to lash out at them.

We moved her to a foster home with no other pets where she has been happily ruling the roost ever since. Now we need to find her an adopted home in which she will have the same only child situation.

Jenny is a beautiful green-eyed tabby with caramel, black and gray colors.

Jenny is indepenent, but also loves human company. She likes to hang out in the same room and will actively search you out if she wakes up from a nap and you aren’t where she left you.

She is smart and curious and investigates any noise or crinkle to see what is happening. If she doesn’t find it interesting to her, she will move on to something else.

She has an assortment of toys, but she has a favorite toy that she interacts with-she throws it up in the air and pounces on it or she will keep batting it around the room for amusement.

Jenny’s foster moms says that she has been a pleasure to foster and will make someone a great friend. If you have no other pets and would like a sweet friend to keep you company, Jenny would love for you to contact us and arrange a viewing of her.

If You Are Interested In Adopting Jenny:

If you are interested in adopting this purrfect princess, please fill out an adoption application.

If you’d like to speak to us about Jenny before submitting an application, please either leave us a message at 739-0077, or e-mail us your phone number: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com


Sasha’s Profile:

          • 13 years of age
          • Spayed female
          • Has tested negative for FIV and FELV
          • Not suitable for a home with children
          • Loves her toy mouse, boxes and curling up under a blanket
          • Lived with other cats for years up until recently but prefers to be an only child