1. To Shelter Homeless Animals

Heavenly Creatures houses animals who have strayed from home, or been abandoned. We also shelter animals who are about to become homeless or be needlessly euthanized because their owners can no longer keep them. We keep the animals we take in safe until such time as they are reunited with their owners or, if not claimed, until a new home is found.

We don’t euthanize animals unless it is the dictionary definition of the word euthanize, that is, unless they are being helped to die because they are beyond medical rehabilitation/are terminally ill and suffering – the vast majority of animals who come into our care are not.

2. To Assist Animals Owned By Low Income Pet Parents

At Heavenly Creatures we believe that suffering animals should be helped regardless of who owns them – a suffering animal is a suffering animal.

No animal should have to go to without food or medical care because their family is struggling financially.

This is why we run a Pet Food Bank why we help low-income families with the cost of spay and neuter and emergency vet care.

Our main priority has to be the care of the animals we are sheltering, but whenever funds allow, we are happy to assist low income per parents with keeping their pets happy and healthy.

3. To Raise Awareness Of Important Animal Welfare Issues

Sadly, much animal abuse occurs owing to ignorance of proper care – but a little knowledge can go a long way!

Since its inception in 2001, Heavenly Creatures has been educating the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador on animal issues and proper animal care .

As part of this, we have made many appearances on local media, at schools, malls and to community associations.