In order to surrender your pet or a stray into the care of Heavenly Creatures, you must first contact us; all surrenders are done by appointment only. Please either leave us a message at 739-0077 or e-mail us:
We need to discuss the animal’s details with you and determine whether we have the space (i.e. whether we have an appropriate foster home available as we do not have a shelter).
We also need to know that we have the funds available for veterinary care should the animal come to us with any medical needs; we shelter as many as we can, but, like all rescue groups, we also have to regrettably turn animals away for lack of resources.
If we can’t help, we’ll be happy to direct you to other groups who might be in the position to. You can call us for a listing of other groups or check under our links section.
If you’re contacting us about your own pet, you can first complete an Assessment Form, if you like, which will provide us with a lot of the information needed to make a decision about your pet.
If we are able to help, we’ll arrange a time for you to come to our office (or we’ll come to your home) to surrender your pet; you‘ll sign a Surrender Form which says that all rights and responsibilities for the animal are being transferred to Heavenly Creatures.
Once this form has been signed, the animal legally belongs to Heavenly Creatures.
There is no fee for surrendering a stray or abandoned animal, but donations are gratefully accepted.
We ask – it’s not mandatory –  for a surrender fee for each owned animal turned over to us, so that we can put it toward the cost of their veterinary care:
Cats: $100
Dogs: $150
Heavenly Creatures does not receive any government funding – we depends on donations and fees to stay in operation and help animals like yours.
However, if you absolutely cannot afford the fee, we won’t turn the animal away for lack of it.
SURRENDER FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: How does your organization work?
Heavenly Creatures does not have a shelter. It relies primarily on a network of foster families to save animals.
Please click here to learn more about our volunteer foster program.
We keep a waiting list of people looking for a particular type/breed of animal. When a pet is surrendered, we look at the list to see if there might be a suitable adoptive home available.
If not, the animal is assessed by a vet and placed in foster care until an adoptive home is found.
Q: What will happen if my pet doesn’t find a home?
The overwhelming odds are that your animal will find a home. We are a no-kill organization; we don’t euthanize any of our animals unless they become extremely ill, or develop such a severe aggression issue that they are unsuitable for adoption.
In our twenty years of existence with thousands of animals having come through our doors, we have only had to euthanize a handful of animals for aggression (fewer than 10) and fewer than 100 for illness or injury so severe that they couldn’t be helped.
Q: How long will my pet be in foster care?
That depends on the individual animal. Most are in foster care for two weeks to a few months before they find adoptive homes. We will keep the animal for as long as needed, so that he or she will find the right family.
Q: Can I meet the people who will be adopting my pet?
We can’t divulge any of our adopter’s personal information, but we can give you general details about the new owners and pass along updates and pictures, if you like.
Q: Can I call to see how my pet is doing?
Of course! We understand that giving up a pet is very hard to do, and we’re happy to keep you informed. We welcome calls and e-mails from people looking for updates on their former pets.