Please note: We do not accept volunteers under the age of 19.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

We need the support of fellow animal lovers who are looking for a meaningful way to spend any spare time — we can’t do all of this animal rescue work alone!

Heavenly Creatures does not have a traditional shelter, so we do not need help with cage cleaning and dog walking. Our animals are primarily housed in foster homes (for more information about fostering, please click here), so our foster parents do most of the hands-on looking after of our animals.

However, we do need people to feed and spend time with our office cats and we need help in many other areas: manning our Pet Food Bank (we help low-income people with keeping their pets fed; an animal shouldn’t have to go hungry because their owner is struggling financially), with phone calls (we need help with references checks for adoptions as well as with other parts of the screening of foster and adoptive homes), fundraising and pet transport – there’s plenty of work to be done!

Simply complete our volunteer application form.

Once we have reviewed it, we’ll be in touch about how you can help us help the animals.