Below is a list of things we need to keep the homeless animals we are sheltering happy and healthy and to keep our  Pet Food Bank stocked.

    • Monetary donations to cover veterinary bills. Financial donations can be made here. We DON’T receive any government finding and last year our vet bills cost almost $175, 000.
    • Our biggest pet supply need is wet cat food (The main brands we use are Friskies and Fancy Feast but any brand is gratefully accepted).
    •  Scoopable Cat Litter (Preferably unscented. We love the Costco brand, but will use any brand).
    • Dry catfood for our Pet Food Bank (We’ll use any brands excepting Whiskas and Signal; we find Whiskas is one of the worst brands for causing urinary crystals)
    • Wet dog food (We use a lot of Pedigree, Purina, and Little Cesar’s but will grateful accept any brand)
    • Scratching posts (preferably cardboard or rope)
    • Dog and cat treats (When it comes to cat treats, we prefer the lickable ones such as Churus).
    • Advantage flea control which is now available for purchase at pet stores.

Thank you for wanting to help! We appreciate every gesture of kindness.