Update in April of 2022: We are regrettably out of funds for our low-income assistance program at the moment. We’ll update again once things have changed.

At Heavenly Creatures, we know that a suffering animal is a suffering animal and thus deserves help – it doesn’t matter to us who owns them.

No animal should have to suffer for lack of medical care, but our experience has taught us that, tragically, many do. Over the years, we’ve had quite a high volume of calls about animals who have been ill or injured for days or weeks because their owners didn’t have the means for vet care.

People love their animal companions – sometimes they are all they have for company – but they aren’t always equipped to handle emergency vet bills in the hundreds or thousands.

Between the high cost of living, the substantial rise in cost in emergency vet care in our province in recent years and the lack of rise in many people’s wages, we are often inundated with requests for vet bill assistance.

We believe in helping, not judging, so for many years now we’ve been coming to the aid of low income  pet parents (judging helps no one, least of all the animals involved).

We’ve covered the cost  of everything from dental work, eye removals, leg repairs and amputations, surgery for intestinal obstructions, hospitalizations for cats with urinary blockages, treatment for eye and ear infections, and everything in between.

We don’t have always have the resources to help; we are first and foremost a rescue group for homeless animals and we have to ensure the vet bills for the animals in our care are covered before we can help any others.

However, if you are demonstrably low income and your animal is suffering, please contact us. If we can help, we will.

If we can’t help, you might try Pet Card, which is a services that provides emergency loans to people facing emergency vet bills, hey are open twenty-four hours a day. If you have good credit and a job,  you will likely be approved.

Below is a picture of Ginger, whose emergency spay HC paid for in late March of 2022. Ginger was ill with a womb infection known as Pyometra; she would have eventually become septic and died without an emergency spay.