If you have a lost or found pet that you’d like to report to Heavenly Creatures, please see our NL Lost Pets Network page on Facebook, or e-mail us: heavenlycreaturesca@gmail.com.

Below is a list suggestions.


It’s important to call your municipality to report the animal in case they have a matching report – municipalities are usually the first point of contact if someone has lost or found a pet.

Here are the numbers for animal control for the city of St. John’s and surroundings areas:

  • City of St. John’s Humane Services: 576-6126 (humaneservices@stjohns.ca)
  • Mount Pearl Animal Control (falls under the department of public works): 748-1016
  • Town of Paradise Animal Control: 782-1400
  • Town of CBS Humane Services: 834-6552
  • Town of Torbay Animal Control: 437-6532, ext. 221

If your pet is LOST, please give an accurate and detailed description. Include your pet’s gender, whether they have been fixed, their age, hair length, any distinguishing markings as well as whether they have been tattooed or microchipped.

If you’re dealing with a FOUND pet, please don’t describe them as a certain age, breed, or gender unless you are absolutely sure– you don’t want the animal to not make it home because of misinformation.


We find that putting flyers in people’s mailboxes is one of the best ways to find a missing cat.

You should cover a three block radius minimum. It’s very important to put up lots of posters, and to put flyers in the neighbour’s mailboxes. Print them on brightly-coloured paper so that they stand out.

We also suggest putting posters in vet clinics. Don’t just put a poster in the clinic closest to you, but put posters in as many clinics as you can, as they are high traffic places for animal lovers and your missing or found pet needs all the advertising they can get.

We’ve seen animals reunited with their owners after months of being missing, and having come from a completely different area (For example, neutered cat who who was missing from the east end of St. John’s was found roaming in the woods St. Phillips — four months later).


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