Thanks for your interest in adopting!

Each adoption helps makes a real difference. Not only are you helping the animal you have chosen, but you’re also helping to clear up space for another animal who needs our help!


*All of our animals are examined by a veterinarian, given initial doses of flea and worm medicine, are treated for any illnesses or injuries detected by the presiding vet and, as long as they are an adult (i.e. six months or older), are spayed/neutered; kittens and puppies must be fixed at the adoptive family’s expense by the time they reach the age of seven months.

As our animals are primarily housed in foster homes, all of our adoptions are arranged by appointment only.

The whole adoption process takes, but a few days (usually two to four).

First, we interview/screen each potential adoptive family by phone. If you sound like a good match for the animal in whom you’re interested and vice versa, unless we have already received one from you, we then ask you to submit an adoption application (see below).

If you are approved to adopt, we will line up a viewing for you to meet the animal in question at his or her foster home at a time that suits both your schedule and the foster parents’ schedule.

If the visit goes well and you want to proceed with the adoption, we will deliver your new furry family member to you the next day – or whenever is convenient for you – and we’ll complete the adoption paperwork with you at your home (The adoption fee is usually paid before we arrive via e-transfer, but we also accept cheques and cash).

After the adoption, we are here if you have any questions or concerns and we always have our animals’ backs – if you need to return your HC animal, we are always here whether it’s ten days or ten years down the road (Everyone adopts with good intentions, but unforeseen things do sometimes arise).

*The cost of emergency vet care can be extremely expensive these days, which is why we we strongly recommend each adoptive family consider getting pet insurance. Our preferred company is Trupanion


Our adoption policies were established to help us make the best decisions on behalf of the animals in our care. All potential adopters are treated equally. The aim of our adoption program is to find responsible, lifelong homes in which our animals will receive the care that every creature deserves.

No animal will be released to a person who has been convicted of cruelty to animals, or to anyone who has had an animal confiscated for violation of an animal adoption or fostering contract; no animal will be released to anyone who resides with someone to which the above applies.

Animals will be placed with persons 21 years of age or older, as pets only.

No dogs will be placed to serve solely as guard dogs or hunting dogs, and no cats will be placed to function primarily as mousers (with the exception of wild/feral cats who we sometimes place in barn homes).

Two pieces of identification are required before an animal is released to a prospective owner; one must have a picture and a current address.

No animal will be released for adoption as a gift to another adult. The recipient may not want an animal (or that particular one); the animal may not be suitable for the recipient’s lifestyle; the recipient may not meet the adoption criteria.

We will place animals in homes as gifts to children IF the parents appear to be responsible and have truly thought it through; we don’t place animals to people adopting on a whim.

Permission from the landlord or agent is required before an animal is released to a person residing in rental housing.

No animal will be released to a person who intends to chronically tether the animal for long periods, or have the animal live primarily outside.

No animal will be released to a person who has an unspayed or unneutered cat or dog (unless that animal is too young to be fixed, or there is a medical reason why the pet can’t be fixed).

If an adopter becomes unable or unwilling to keep the animal, they must agree to return the animal to Heavenly Creatures.


Kittens: $100
Fixed Adult Cats: $125.00
Puppies: $200
Fixed Adult Dogs: $300.00


If you like, you can complete the application found at the Application page and e-mail it to us at

Once we have reviewed your application (We are a volunteer organization, so please allow 24-72 hours), we will contact you to begin our screening process.

If you are unable to find the right pet through Heavenly Creatures, please try another animal rescue organization; you will find a list of local rescues in our Links section.